Mickler & Smith’s Class!

This is Our Story: 7th Grade

This arts-based Social and Emotional Learning program aligns with the Ohio Department of Education curriculum standards and focuses on self and others. Through art, students explore the topics of friendship, inclusion and exclusion, understanding differences, empathy, community and connection, teamwork, problem-solving, bullying, and becoming an ally.

Meet your artist!

Lynda Abraham is the Lead Artist Educator at Progressive Arts Alliance. A recipient of a Masters degree of Fine Art from Pratt Institute in New York City, her roles at PAA is to be an fine artist, a teacher and project leader.

In addition to teaching arts-integrated and SEL projects, she is the "go-to" person for installation art. Knowledge of durable structures, public art, school safety codes and guidelines are her priority.

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Session 5

Empathy &
Our Worldview

January 13, 2021
Understanding Differences
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Inclusion & Exclusion
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Friendship & Becoming an Ally
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Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning
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