Holtz & Zelwin’s Class!

This is My Future: 8th Grade

This arts-based Social and Emotional Learning program aligns with the Ohio Department of Education curriculum standards and focuses on self-awareness and goal setting. Through art, students explore the power of mindsets, self-motivation and self-discipline, organization skills, creative visioning, setting goals, and creating a life plan.

Meet your artist!

Mr. Mark is an artist who loves to make art class accessible for everyone. He teaches students how art helps us think creatively and in new ways! He is equally fascinated in digital and physical materials, and hopes to teach the value of both to his students.

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Session 5

My Life:
Past & Present

January 13, 2021
Getting Organized
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Self-Motivation & Self-Discipline
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Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets
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Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning
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