Murphy’s Class!

This is My Story: 6th Grade

This arts-based Social and Emotional Learning program aligns with the Ohio Department of Education curriculum standards and focuses on self-awareness. Through art, students explore the topics of personal strengths and identity, self-confidence, role models, personal values, worldview, core emotions, and emotion management.

Meet your artist!

Lynda Abraham is the Lead Artist Educator at Progressive Arts Alliance. A recipient of a Masters degree of Fine Art from Pratt Institute in New York City, her roles at PAA is to be an fine artist, a teacher and project leader.

In addition to teaching arts-integrated and SEL projects, she is the "go-to" person for installation art. Knowledge of durable structures, public art, school safety codes and guidelines are her priority.

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Session 7

My Worldview &
How it Develops

January 12, 2021
Managing BIG Emotions
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Core Emotions & Emotional Management
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Role Models & Identifying Personal Values
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Building Self-Confidence & Self-Respect
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Identifying Personal Strengths & Identity
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Introduction to Social & Emotional Learning
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