Since 2002, PAA’s hip-hop programming has been inspiring students to develop their creative self-expression while building critical 21st century skills in collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and more.

Dynamic &
Focused Programs

Our hip-hop programs were designed to introduce students to hip-hop and build foundational skills in music, dance, and visual art. Progressive Arts Alliance programs focus on the four elements of hip-hop:


Students learn how to use the turntable as a musical instrument.


Students learn the basic moves of this rhythmic dance.


Students learn about lyric writing and delivering rhymes to a beat.


Students learn how to design colorful, letter-based art.

Through our arts-integrated residencies,
students can explore hip-hop while also learning
in English Language Arts and Math.

Our hip-hop summer camps and after-school programs promote confidence-building, skill development, and communication. Programs can include all four hip-hop elements, or your choice of select elements.

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