STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The STEM methodology uses hands-on, project-based learning to explore these topics, making STEM and art a perfect match.

Teaching STEM topics through arts integration turns STEM into STEAM: STEM + Art!

Committed to
Project-Based Learning

Arts Impact has developed a niche using the arts to teach STEM concepts in schools in Greater Cleveland. We know artists are seekers, risk takers, question askers and problem solvers. We want students to embrace these qualities and find them in their own lives, especially as they explore project-based learning in today’s classrooms.

Unique Hands-on Learning

Students working with Arts Impact artist-educators experience hands-on learning. We connect art to circuits. We connect students to building and experimenting. We connect teachers, principals and parents to new, relevant paths for student engagement.

Hear from Our Partners

Here’s what teachers have to say:

Principals are excited, too

[Arts Impact] has become part of the Hannah Gibbons family. First semester, we rolled out residencies. Second semester, our staff was asking, 'When are they coming back?' It’s not only students that are impacted by it; the teachers look forward to the work, as well. The residencies give students another way to master concepts that might previously have been boring to them or they didn’t find a way to make a connection to just let’s read about it, talk about it write about it.

- Gregory AdkinsHannah Gibbons STEM School Principal

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